Myanmar Church builds up kids’ self-confidence

Karuna Pathein in Myanmar is organizing a series of “child participation days” for parishes still recovering from Cyclone Nargis. Up to 100 children have joined the program each month in five selected villages of Pathein diocese. Karuna Pathein is Pathein diocese’s social service agency. "The program aims to uplift the children physically and spiritually through games, songs, dances and competitions," explained, Jerome, 26, a diocesan child protection officer.

Farmers reap benefits from organic farming

Farmers in Nargis-affected areas in the Irrawaddy Delta are enjoying positive growth by making and using natural fertilizers following a training course run by Karuna Myanmar Social Services (KMSS). The social service agency's intention is to make farmers understand that by using natural fertilizers instead of chemical ones, they can preserve the fertility and richness of the soil, said John Ngwe, a KMSS trainer.

Myanmar diocese expands youth program

A Myanmar diocese has expanded a youth volunteer program providing teaching assistants in remote villages by also including young Buddhists and Baptists. The program began in 2002, but only Catholics were invited to join the program at first, said Matthew Kyaw Swa Lwin, an education project officer in Pathein diocese. However, after Cyclone Nargis exposed a greater need for volunteers so we decided to encourage Buddhists and Baptists to join the program, he said.

Career dreams come true for Myanmar youth

Myanmar’s Pathein diocese is making dreams come true for young people who never imagined that they could afford vocational training. "I have loved sewing since childhood and I used to help my mother," said Mi Mi Zin. Her parents could only afford to send her to primary school but now Mi Mi has completed a four month course organized by Karuna Pathein Social Service (KPSS) at a vocational training center in Dunbi.

Church mobile clinic brings post-Nargis aid

A Catholic relief aid team has taken to the road to help the many people who are still suffering in the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis. The Karuna Pathein Social Service mobile clinic travels from village to village, carrying out medical checks and tests, giving injections, treating injuries and ailments, distributing medicines and offering health education.

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